Appellation(s): Mosel.

The Thanisch family has cultivated wine continuously since the year 1636 and can look back on a history covering more than 375 years.

Today the estate is run as a family business in the 11th generation, of which the last four generations were women. The first woman leading the estate was Katharina Thanisch, who was one of the VDP founding members in 1910. Today the estate is managed by Sofia Thanisch, who again has two daughters Christina and Juliane.

In 1884 the estate has been built in neo-renaissance style and is located in Bernkastel-Kues on the left bank of the Mosel river.

The boutique estate is 7 ha (16 acres) in size, including the most famous vineyard in Germany, the Berncasteler Doctor and the top vineyards Bernkasteler Badstube, Bernkasteler Lay and Bernkasteler Graben. All of the vineyards are planted with 100% Riesling vines, most of which are mature and on original rootstocks. The Devonian slate soil gives the wines their unique character: delicate fruit, elegance and lightness.

Probably the most sought-after vineyard is the “Berncasteler Doctor” where the family acquired a parcel at the beginning of the 19th century. According to a legend of the 14th century, bishop Boemund II cured himself by drinking this wine and gave him the name “Berncasteler Doctor”. Due to the perfect microclimatic conditions the wines are very concentrated and displaying layers of elegant fruit and flavour and are highly demanded by wine connoisseurs in the world.

The classic art nouveau lable, a trade mark since 1901, depicts the Thanisch villa and the view of Bernkastel with the castle Landshut and the “Berncasteler Doctor” vineyard.

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Dr. H. Thanisch