Region: Gisborne.
Grown, not made. The Millton Vineyard specialises in growing fine wine from estate grown grapes sourced from their own single vineyards. In 1986 they were the first New Zealand winegrowers to attain the Bio-Gro organic certification and after 28 years of biodynamic practice they were again one of the first to qualify for the Demeter certification NZ, in 2009.”Crazy By Nature: that’s just what this planet needs.” In 1984 other wineries thought Millton were crazy to grow our grapes organically. They’ve spent the last twenty-five years proving that they were right! Now, it seems everybody wants to be crazy, and that’s just what this planet needs. Crazy by Nature – makes perfect sense.

Millton & Crazy By Nature New Zealand

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Millton & Crazy By Nature