Region: Langhorne Creek.      
Oddfellows began in 1998 with a strong ethos of producing premium quality wines that highlight the potential of the Langhorne Creek region. It was founded by 6 individuals who were each separately involved in the wine making business. The circular fingerprint logo is representative of the founders coming together to work in unity to produce wines that showcase the talents of all involved. Langhorne Creek Winemaker David Knight was one of the original members and in 2007 took over the ownership and operation of the venture.
David Knight has a strong belief in great wines being largely created in the vineyard. Vine vigour is carefully controlled and yields are kept low to produce to produce fruit that has highly concentrated colour and flavour. Wines are crafted in a fruit driven style with well balanced oak and smooth textures typical of Langhorne Creek. Typically wines will be aged in American and French oak barriques for up to 2 years.

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Langhorne Creek, SA